My name is Vit Navratil and I was born in the Czech Republic. While I graduated on university and college with a focus on sport and commerce in the Czech Republic and Australia, I finally decided that it was more natural for me to create and I started to be interested in design, especially computer graphics, film animation and gradually came to the interior design, furniture design and painting.
I believe that creative work should not focus only on one activity for a long time, and not at all create the same thing over and over in one way, because then it is automated and ceases to be original. That's why I try to find new ways in everything I do. In every painting, I want to use a slightly different theme, a different color scheme, another visual element, but to keep the recognizable character of artistic expression. The uniqueness of art in my understanding of creative creation is not to be characterized by the inclusion of one visual element in the realized themes, which distinguishes the others from the others, but by the overall conception of creative activity on the emotional level.
That is why I decided to build my work on 3 main pillars. These are painting in spontaneous realism, abstract painting and as a hobby the transformation of waste materials into unique elements of interior design with utility value. Which hopefully won't let me creatively stifle.

I only use acrylic paints in the painting that quickly dries and overlap. In spontaneous realism, I try to maintain the technical complexity and the advanced realistic form. I choose the colors up to the chalk shades so that they keep the mix of colors but they do not disturb the overall interior. In the abstract painting, I focus on light inclusion in the overall design, and almost exclusively implement the paintings according to the color concept of the related space. I use the subtle tones of earthy colors that lightly align and try to bring the complexity of graphic details into a simple structure of the main visual elements.

In the transformation of waste materials, I see, besides the necessity of constantly new creative insight into things around us, the principle and ecological value. This approach does not seem to me to be an exaggerated eco-marketing, but as a sustainable development with a minimum of waste and other environmental consequences. Why not use human production repeatedly? I just don't want to fill our environment with more and more unnecessary things. Sooner or later, we'll have to recycle them anyway, and we need to unnecessarily get new raw materials for their production. Another way from my point of view does not make an ecological - economic sense. Production from old materials is not economically cheaper, less complicated, and fewer people are not employed, rather the opposite. However, it already counts with much less impact on our environment.

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